Immediate Goal: IT COSTS $0 FOR THIS PART

GUYS! We are OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a little more than ONE day, one day…ONE…we pulled off picking up over 1000 followers on our Instagram page for Homeless Looks Like on my birthday, launch day! THANK YOU! Thank you SO dearly for that! And for the Facebook likes. And the newsletter signups. And the messages and the love…THANK YOU!

I wanted to drop by here today to explain our IMMEDIATE GOALS because we are having so many people ask about donating right now but I’m SUPER by the book and I just can’t accept anything until we are all the way set up and official. I’m a weenie, I know. But I KNOW the holding off until we are fully set up as an organization in all the right places is the right thing to do AND will be worth it!

RIGHT NOW: We need stories. We need FACES. I PROMISE that the biggest power in making change is to pair an IMAGE (and maybe some Instagram video) with a story. Nothing will make a bigger impact! Think about what goes viral…is it just a written story most of the time? Sometimes, perhaps, but usually an image or video is paired with the story. That combination holds the power to create CHANGE and incite COMPASSION … this is where the connections are made between two seemingly different people, this is where we find out our similarities.

We need stories from:
Those who are currently homeless
Those transitioning out
Those who have fully transitioned out
Those who work in churches that aid the homeless
Those who work do homeless mission work
Those who work in shelters
Those who run non-profits
Those who volunteer for the homeless

We are willing to travel to the DC area, Richmond, Hampton Roads and in NC within 2 hours of the Outer Banks once a month to conduct interviews.


Our first story goes live on Monday. And guess what? Many of you may know this person. If you don’t, you’ll still be shocked about who it is. Trust me, you’ll want to “tune in” and check out the blog on Monday, September 24.

Also – SO EXCITING, next week I travel to Richmond to meet with an incredible non-profit that is doing such good work and transforming lives! What a joy, I’ll keep everyone updated and come back with some stories for you! 🙂


xoxo, Amanda Hedgepeth 
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This is me literally waiting to hug you and hear your story. Thank you for being BRAVE!

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