What George’s Story Looks Like | Interview

Could you ever have guessed my first interview would be my own dad? Meet George (aka Gdog to my girls).

As I sit here typing at 5 in the morning, it’s still pitch black outside…I’m instantly connected to the days when I would see my dad getting up even earlier to start his days. Make sure everything and everyone was squared away…that everything was getting done, he was ready for work, we were all getting to school as we needed to, etc. Loved his jobs, good at his jobs, always on top of house things like laundry and dishes and all of the things. Always moving and on the go and working hard. 

Someone who works that much, and that often, and that hard… how do they end up homeless?

I’m not asking but insisting that you break myth number one now – that the homeless just “need to get a job”. There’s always more to a story. You really never know until you ask.


There are different interview formats we conduct and this is for those who have transitioned OUT of homelessness. My dad has been out for a little while now and with the help of a mission (which he doesn’t want me to give credit to because he didn’t like them, lol, he said they were religiously extreme and in some cases I have to agree but I’m still going to mention that because it’s necessary) but he works part time and is doing great living in Norfolk, Va. Finding fresh glass versus sea glass, but nonetheless, HAHA.


Name/nicknames – George – Little Dicky (and then I showed him the Chris Brown and Lil Dicky video and he actually knew who that was hahahahaha)

Born & raised – Hornell, NY, raised in Norfolk, San Diego, Kansas, Hawaii, Hampton Roads (father was in the Navy) then Glen Allen

Favorite job – Sales (pretty good and pretty proud of himself for those sales skills)

What is something you would want people to know about you? I tried to be a better person, a better father, a better employee, a better human being

Was there a specific event or combination of events that led to you finding yourself homeless? Employment, divorce, health issues
(*Article about homelessness and divorce HERE

How did you begin to transition out of homelessness? Social security income retirement, buy a vehicle and then part time work
*Dad mentioned how important the vehicle was. We almost think of getting the job first as being the most important but how can you get to a job without a vehicle, and how you can afford a vehicle without a job? TOUGH.

What are you doing now – living arrangements and work? Apartment, part time, social security

What’s the hardest part about being homeless physically? Poor quality of life feeling bad physically

What’s the hardest part about being homeless emotionally? Hopelessness

What is the best thing that’s happened to you recently? Hanging out with the girls (the mermaid mafia), with my children – impressed by Amanda (okay I lied. I added that part about him being impressed by me. But let’s leave it there:))

Did you ever think you would end up homeless? I used to think it all the time, and fear it all the time

What advice do you have for someone who wants to help or how to approach someone who is homeless? Do not EVER give them money. Ever. Get them the help and things that they need but it’s like feeding a seagull. Do not give them any money. Point them in the direction of a shelter. But do not give them any money.

^That response is very authentically my dad, LOL. Oh George.

I’m SO proud of my Dad for transitioning out how he has but I can completely understand how he ended up where he did. I was pregnant with Ellie when all of this started and I’ve watched him pick the pieces back up and we are so proud of him 🙂 The girls LOVE their Gdog!!!

xoxo, Amanda Hedgepeth 
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This is me literally waiting to hug you and hear your story. Thank you for being BRAVE!

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