Your Story Matters Apparel!!! | FUNDRAISER

You guys, for months I would wear “Your Story Matters” shirts and have people ask – when can I get one of those!?

NOW YA CAN FRIENDS, now you can. We have a short but pumped up campaign running via Bonfire where you can order beautiful shirts with our logo for a great price and we get a generous donation from each purchase! This is our FIRST fundraising campaign and we think it’s so amazing that is doubles as a way to spread our mission by having people wear our logo and start the conversation with people about what Homeless Looks Like is.

We share STORIES. We insist that everyone’s story matters.
We know we can’t jump to judgement or to conclusions when we see someone who is homeless.
We know they are not invisible and they are humans worthy of interaction and conversation.

Would you like to look around and pick up a crew neck, long sleeve or t-shirt? Or can you share for us? We are over halfway to our goal and we are SO hoping to sell 30 of these total!!! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚


xoxo, the Homeless Looks Like TEAM
Amanda, Amanda &Β  Mike

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