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A couple of months ago, I hopped on my video software and created a video to send to a shelter telling them who I am and asking if they would allow us to help them. Our nonprofit Homeless Looks Like is actually created to fundraise for other nonprofits who help the homeless and we are working toward a structure of focusing on one nonprofit per quarter to HELP!

When I asked – SO MANY PEOPLE SAID H.E.R. Shelter – and what’s ironic is that they just recently re-opened a shelter for the homeless versus what they are notoriously known for which was domestic violence and abuse survivors. In Portsmouth, Virginia in December – we walked into a sweet and cozy shelter created to help the homeless get back on their feet and back on their own. A place to sleep, take care of themselves and eat. A safe place.

There is a lot more to what this environment is offering than just shelter. Hope and motivation are key factors in the mood that fills the air in this space. The room we did interviews in, a cool and coastal space with calming music, blue walls and comfortable seats is called the Empowerment Room and we loved that! We felt VERY welcome and we felt called to be there. It was incredible.

Here are a couple of important links below and also a LIST of EXACTLY what they need! Do you know anyone who could help with this? They would immensely appreciate!!!!

If anyone desires to donate time/treasure:
They can call Chris directly 252-202-4858 OR email: ; office 757-392-2167

Any monetary donations: H.E.R. Shelter Inc

Anyone desiring to come out and give a space a “face-lift”(Remodel) or Amazon something OR just donate clothing items, etc: 1900 Columbus Ave Portsmouth, Va 23704
They will happily provide a Donation Receipt that can be used during tax time as a charitable donation.

Donate link here:
Contact link here:
Home page: 

Major Needs:
 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Replaced
 Kitchen Remodel (Paint kitchen, Flooring, Blinds)
 Refrigerators – Replace (2 Each)
 Living Room Remodel – Sofa, Love Seat, Blinds, Lighting lamp(s), Flooring, functional
computer desk that complements the space)
 Minor Window Repairs (all 9 rooms)
 Blinds (all 9 rooms)
 Gaps in Window / Ceiling (allows air and insect intrusion) All 9 rooms
 Functional Room Furniture (Chest-of-Drawers / 2-Drawer Armor w/ 2-Drawers) – 9
Rooms total
 Shelving Installed – (All Storage Closets, 5)
 Lighting throughout the building needs to be Serviced (Check the fuse / balance) some
bulbs will not light up – Light unit could be bad?? – Electrical /Lighting Technician
 Security Cameras – 8 additional cameras needed to close-loop to “non-covered” vital

The items listed below are used daily, weekly, and monthly and often have a high rate of

Cleaning supplies:
 Paper items (Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue)
 Garbage bags, large (55 gal & 35 gal )
 Floor cleaner (Fabuloso)
 Dusters
 3 Push Brooms
 Laundry detergent – PODS
 Bounce Dryer Sheets
 Clorox Wipes (4 pack)
 Dish Detergent
 Air Freshener
 Bleach
 Cleaning pads
 Bathroom and disinfectant cleaner
 Toilet bowl cleaner

RESTORE Homeless Shelter Needs:
(1900 Columbus Ave. Portsmouth, Va. 23702)

Personal hygiene
 Hand sanitizers
 Toothpaste and toothbrushes (adult and child)
 Men and Women deodorant and lotion
 Body Wash (for men and women)
 Hand soaps and bar soaps
 Shaving gel and razors
 Feminine sanitary supplies
 Underwear (for men and women) – New please..
 Towels and washcloths
 Bus Passes (HRT)
 Baby Pampers and wipes
 Socks (men and women) – New please
 Zip-lock bags (Quart and Gallon size)

List of things we need to purchase before clients can move in
• Bed Bug Covers – (50 Each)
• Sheets (Twin size) 18 Set
• Pillow cases – 36 Each
• Pillows – 10 Each
• Plates – 5 Set
• Silverware (Forks, Spoons, butter knives) – 4 Set

THANK YOU FOR HELPING OUR FRIENDS! Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for insisting that their stories matter 🙂

THANK YOU for showing up for Homeless Looks Like.

Warmly, Amanda, Amanda, Mike + Joe





3 thoughts on “The H.E.R. SHELTER is doing GOOD WORK! | Partners

  1. Tracy says:

    This is a great informational post. I will continue to share their needs list with those that want to donate to Homeless Hustle Network and we may not have the need/space at the time! Thank you and your organization for shedding light on the homelessness in our area!


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