What Destiny’s Story Looks Like | Interview


This angel you guys, THIS ANGEL! What a DOLL! Her story is a full circle one. Some of you will agree with me on that once you hear all about what Destiny’s been through, and what that baby on way means to her.

Name: Destiny
Nickname: Pumpkin 🙂

I asked her how she got that nickname and we laughed after she told us it was because her mama said her face was just as round as a pumpkin when she was born, LOL!

Destiny is born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia and is 24 years old.

How is your relationship with your family and siblings? Kind of off and distant…since her grandma has been gone, there has been tension. Some family didn’t want her cremated and when she was, it drove distance between some of the family members.

Destiny’s mother was her support system. Her father has never been in her life. He knew who she was and was there at the birth, but that’s it.

Then we found out that her biggest support system, her mother, passed away in 2016 from cancer.

She’s been on her own ever since.

We told her how sorry we were for her loss and she replied “it’s okay, she’s in a better place and doesn’t have to suffer anymore”.

One thing she immediately recalled was how she kept telling her mom to have another baby so she wouldn’t be alone, and her mother told her she’d have her own baby one day to keep her company. And Destiny was sitting with us cradling a beautiful baby bump in her arms. Her mama was right.

A baby girl is on the way for Destiny.

In school, what was your favorite subject? Math.

We asked Destiny if she had a favorite teacher in school and we were cracking up when she responded by telling us that ALL of her teachers loved her!

WE GET IT – SHE IS ADORABLE Her smile never lets down and she is walking sunshine.

There was one Health teacher, Mrs. Bell, that came to mind that was like an aunt to her. Like a close family member. She remembers that connection well.

“Her spirit was so glowy and uplifting.”

Destiny told us “for some reason, teachers always wanted to cling to me”.

In college, her professor once asked Destiny “Miss Lee why are you sitting in the back, you know I need you up front!” LOL!!!

She was a teacher’s pet by default 🙂

What was the LEAST favorite job you’ve had? McDonald’s. It was her first and least favorite job. She was advancing so fast there, knowing how to do EVERYTHING on the job, even managing positions… but she wasn’t receiving a promotion.

She then went to Food Lion, then convenience stores.

Eventually she went to work at a group home for those with disabilities, which is where she is now. She loves this work.

Everyone clings to her there now, not surprisingly.

We asked her what her best job skill is and she replied: “Pretty much nursing”.

What’s something that you would want people to know about you? “I have a very big heart, I’m very intelligent. I am a mama’s girl. I love my mom to death. I’m very family oriented, it makes me sad that my family isn’t together as much.”

She loves sports, she ran track and tried volleyball but feels like she was a little too small, LOL!

What there one main event or a series of small events that led you to becoming homeless? Just one event, losing my mom’s place.

They were at a place that offered a program for those who were rehabilitated from drug abuse to be able to stay there, and when her mom passed, because Destiny didn’t have a drug problem…she had to leave, and lost her home.

Destiny went on to say “I don’t hold grudges. I let it go.”

She is by far one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She also goes on to say that she doesn’t blame anyone for her situation.

“I live and learn and go on about my life.”

What’s the hardest part about being homeless physically? She goes on to say that she knows God is always there, but not having her mom physically there to be there for her has been difficult.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you recently? “This baby!” She knew her mama was going to send her a little girl. Her mama TOTALLY called this!

Did you ever think that you would end up homeless? “Nope. I would have never thought it in a million years.” She stayed so optimistic that she would be able to keep her mom’s housing after she passed away. She wasn’t about to make herself go through a program and lie to keep the place, her integrity is too high for that.

What truth would you want people to know about homelessness? Just pray. Don’t stay down. You gotta take it day-by-day.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to approach a homeless person? I believe just being honest and if you open up to people a little truth about yourself, it always helps them to open up to you.

“Make them feel where you’re coming from” Destiny says.

What do you want your life to look like a year from now? So much better, so much brighter. I would like for me to have my own place, my own career, hopefully my career would be on the path of nursing and making a better life for my daughter.

WE LOVED DESTINY! Seriously, she is all smiles, she is JOYFUL, she is grateful and she is brave. We know she’s going to make one incredible mother and her mama is so proud looking down on her!

Look at the answers below to see Destiny’s answers to our shallow questions and see what YOU have in common with her! 🙂

THANK YOU for showing up for Homeless Looks Like.

If you want help support the H.E.R. Shelter – click HERE 🙂

Warmly, Amanda, Amanda, Mike + Joe


HLL Shallow Destiny

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